6 Tips That Helps You To Keep Your Car Cool During Summer

In india summer is the longest season and the temperature goes above 40 degree Celsius. Many of us prefer car for going office or somewhere else during summer but imagine you open the door of the car and the car is with backing seats and a steering wheel you cannot touch. It is widely known that it is highly dangerous to leave children or animals in hot cars. So never do this.However, if you simply want your car cooled quickly after a long hard day at work there are 6 tips that helps you to keep your car cool.


#1 Use windshield sunshade

Windshield sunshade blocks the harmful UV sun rays and keeps the car cooler on a sunny day. It is easily available on car accessories shop or you can purchase it online with different prints and patterns.


#2 Cover your steering wheel with a hand towel

Its always a good idea to cover your steering with a hand towel even if you use a sunshade. It helps you to keep your car cool from inside

car in shady area

#3 Park in a shady area

whenever possible park your car in a shady area if you are going somewhere. you’ll be happy to enter a not-so-hot car when you return from your day out.

window covers

#4 Cover your windows

you can purchase some shade covers for your car windows it helps to block sun rays and keeps the car cool from inside.

slightly down

#5 Keep the window slightly down

It’s a good idea to keep your windows slightly down it helps in ventilation its helps to keep your car cool from inside. However, make sure window is not so much down it is risky and not secure.

car seats

#6 Cover your seats with a sheet

To keep your seats cool Cover your seats with a sheet it helps to keep your seats cool will make your car more pleasant on hot summer days

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